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Political frustrations

This may be a bit of a rant; thanks for putting up with me.

First: Obama/Biden will win. This is now clear beyond any real doubt, unless we see a very widespread incidence of the "young people don't vote phenomenon".

I think an Obama win is a good thing for the following reasons:
1. Obama is black. I'm excited about having a black president. One glass ceiling down.
2. Obama seems to me to be a real political thinker, much like Al Gore. After the blathering idiot we've had in the White House these past eight years, that's a refreshing change.
3. I look forward to having an all-Democrat power base at the national level. More on this later in this post.

I think an Obama win is (potentially) a bad thing for the following reasons:
1. He is very inexperienced for this job. He has zero executive branch experience, and only a couple of years of national experience, most of which has been spent campaigning. He talks a lot about things, but we have precious little evidence of his actions.
2. He has a lot of troubling associations with divisive and anti-American people.

Having said all of that, I think I have to give the guy the benefit of a doubt and vote for him.  But it's fairly close for me. I'm an independent - maybe the only true independent in my regular crowd. I believe that there is trult not much difference between Republicans and Democrats. They are basically one party with the same goal - extending and expanding power and making money.  I really wanted Ron Paul to have a shot, and the way he was torpedoed and character assassinated was quite disheartening for me. I think George Bush is one of our worst presidents ever, and the neocons really frighten me.  But John McCain is a truly great man.

And this is where my frustrations set in.

I mostly hang out with dyed-in-the-wool liberals. If you're reading this, you are probably one of them. And in fact, you're probably seething to tell me that John McCain is terrible, he's mean, he's dumb, he's old and senile, that I have drunk the Republican Kool-Aid on my Obama cons above, and so on. 

I have never seen such vitriol and hate, such a lack of willingness to talk about real issues and have a civil discourse as during this election.  It seems that the default position of all libs now is the following:

Every Republican is:
1. Dumb and /or uneducated
2. Unkind
3. Furthermore, "Republican" and "intolerant Christian bigot" are for all practical purposes the same terms.

Intelligent, well-meaning people must be able to admit that there are rational worldviews on both sides of many of these issues, but that has all been thrown out in the political feeding frenzy.  I have tried to have civil conversations about actual issues with my friends, and it has become impossible. At this point, I am resigned to simply saying "You're right, McCain is dumb and hateful, you're right, please stop, yes, you're right." and waiting for next January when there are no major Republicans in power for my friends to bitch (constantly) about.

So yes, I want Obama to win, based on the merits I have thus far seen from him. He's convinced me that he's worth gambling on, inexperienced or no. But at this point, I mostly want to see if in fact the Dems, once they are totally and completely in control of everything, will just make it all magically better as my friends seem to believe. 

Because if everything isn't better, I have zero doubt that it will still, somehow be the fault of those mean, dumb Republicans.

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