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New improv games!

Last week, the Art Bar Players got together for our usual Monday night practice, but we brought new games with us. I'd been watching the UK "Whose Line...", and Andy had been trolling the tubes for new stuff, and then before we knew it, basically everybody had brought in a sheet with new ideas.  Now it looks like we may try to work in a couple of new bits per show for a while.  I think it'll be a blast, and it's fun watching the troupe evolve.

A couple of spoilers for my loyal readers (both of ya!):

"More Specific!"
Much like our classics "Say It Again Sam" and "Rhymin' Simon". A couple of people are given a scene, and as they progress, the host will periodically stop them and ask them to repeat what they said, only "Be more specific!". So, you could get the following progression:

Player A: "She's really hot."
Host: "Be more specific!"
Player A: "She's hotter than Britney Spears."
Host: "Be MORE specific!"
Player A: "She's hotter than Britney Spears covered in chocolate sauce, reciting the latest World of Warcraft patch notes."

You can see that this would get silly.

Similar to our dramatic irony guessing games, in this one someone is confessing their sins to a priest, only the confessor doesn't know what their sins are.  


This may remind you of our game 185, where we take a single theme and the group riffs on it, then grabs another starter. Here we take commercial products, and come up with new slogans for them. My favorite from last time:
"Cornflakes: Much better than our pancreas flakes"
"Cornflakes: Fuck it. You gotta put something in that bowl."


I'm really looking forward to tonight's rehearsal and the next show.


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Oct. 27th, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)
OMG those sound great. Have fun and come back with some examples to share!
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